How can American Aesthetics help support your business?

The Skin Care and Body Care Industry requires strong support and leadership to succeed. It is vital to have an attainable plan that keeps you and your staff motivated, focused and on track. Our road map for success allows you a well calculated, methodical approach to problem-solving and provides insight into the potential pitfalls instead of “putting out fires”. By establishing short-term achievable goals, less time and money will be wasted. “Action not Reaction” is the American Aesthetics approach to helping your business grow.

Important Values Shaping American Aesthetics:
  • 100% Client Satisfaction thru Service
  • Communicated unbending respect for the professional Aesthetics Industry
  • Actions based upon the whole picture
  • A belief that encourages people to make a difference
  • Building a clear communications network
  • Actions that favor long term visions
  • Education as a never-ending process
  • Enthusiasm and Sincere Caring and Support
There are Five Divisions of American Aesthetics Corporation Customer Service Support:

First is American Aesthetics, Sales Support providing Destination Spa’s, Day Spa’s and Full-Service Salons with the highest quality products, equipment, and supplies.

Second is the American Aesthetics Institute, which offers the highest quality educational support with the products, equipment, and supplies used within Destination Spa’s, Day Spa’s and Full-Service Salons.

The third is American Aesthetics Spa Management. One out of two Day Spa’s struggle to maintain a profitable and successful business. Working side by side with owners and managers, we will help support Destination and Day Spa’s through every step of the way from the creative design of your space, hiring and training of your staff, monthly performance reviews, and staff/management/owner goal planning, assessment, and review.

Fourth is American Aesthetics Spa Development. This program provides comprehensive planning and development services for the Destination and Day Spa Industry with an explicit business focus. Committed to quality service, expense management, profitability, and long term market effectiveness, our portfolio serves a variety of market needs. Experienced and client-dedicated, American Aesthetics Spa Development resources can positively impact your bottom line.

Fifth is American Aesthetics School Management. One of the biggest challenges at all levels of the salon industry is retaining a staff of employees who are fully trained and prepared to work from the moment they graduate from the Cosmetology and/or Aesthetic School. For this exact reason, American Aesthetics School Management was created. We will create, teach and implement our own unique Aesthetic and Body Care Treatment training curriculum. This program will ensure that the quality of student graduating from Cosmetology and/or Aesthetic School will be an employee that will be prepared for success!